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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mother nature and Figure Skaters

Dear Mother Nature,
I can not say that I am impressed with the trick you pulled this morning. I looked outside to see a bright sunny day with beautiful skies. I grabbed my jacket and put it over my arm and quietly stepped out the door to enjoy the beautiful weather...... did I say beautiful???? I meant f***ing cold ass weather that instantly took my breath away. I then went down my front steps to a beautiful patch of ice that an olympic skater would be proud of. Alas, I am not an olympic skater. I did however, manage to keep myself vertical in my pretty, yet useless in the winter, heels. Now I am sure that you do things like this for humor, so I'll give this one to you. But could you turn up the heater just a bit so I can enjoy it a bit more?

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